BOGO Blitz

Attention Marching Band Families!!!! BOGO BLITZ IS SATURDAY, 9-12!!! Please read this long post! 

This is a fundraising event in which band members go into the community and sell BOGO cards door to door. Below are some important reminders about the event: 

1. We need parent drivers! We have divided the county into 22 sections. We need parents to help transport students into the community. If you are uncomfortable allowing your child ride with another parent, please volunteer to drive! Students are NOT permitted to ride with student drivers without written permission from rider AND driver parents granting mutual permission.  
2. Students MUST wear Campbell County gear! Purple shirts, band shirts, etc.  
3. Students will be given 5 cards each. They can sell more! The top overall seller gets a television! We will raffle off two more! Names will be entered into the raffle once per 5 cards. Sell 10? Get two chances to win! 15? 3 chances! All students who sell at least 5 cards will get a special SUNDAE BAR at band camp! 
4. Students can sell BOGO cards until Friday, May 25th! Our goal is 900 cards!!!! We sold 850 last year! We can do this! If we meet our goal, we will raise $15,000 towards our $25-30,000 transportation budget!!!!! This is an extremely important fundraiser! 
5. Can’t make it Saturday? That’s ok! All students will be given 5 BOGO cards at either Guard rehearsal on Thursday or Spring Training on Friday! Be sure to sell your cards before the 25th! Mr. Little (at CCHS) and Mr. Dietsch (at CCMS) will have additional cards when you sell your five and want to go for the smart tv! 
6. This is the only fundraiser where we go into the community to sell. Therefore, feel free to email me directly with any questions or concerns!

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