Crazy Busy Schedule!

We are in the busiest time of the year! Here is a brief run down of the next week. All of this information can be found on the band calendar on our website!

Tonight: Varsity Winterguard Rehearsal and Competition Set Up!

Tomorrow: Winter Guard/Percussion Competition at CCHS! All hands on deck!!!! See the post below or the volunteer sign up!

Sunday: Sleep.

Monday: Jazz Ensemble 3-5. Possible Pep Band @ Mason County (Game will be EITHER Mon/Tues but not both)

Tuesday: JV/V Winter Guard Rehearsals and Winter Percussion as normal. Possible Pep Band @ Mason County (Game will EITHER be Mon/Tues but not both)

Wednesday: Wind Ensemble Rehearsal 2:45-4:30

Thursday: JV/V/P Rehearsals as normal. Flute/Clarinet Sectional 2:45-4:30

Friday: Wind Ensemble Rehearsal 2:45-4:30. Possible Pep Band @ Mason County (Only if they win the first game). If there is pep band, we will cancel the WE Rehearsal.

Saturday: Wind Ensemble Camp Day 9-4! We are bringing in one of the best band directors in the nation to work with the wind ensemble! This is in place of the Music For All Festival that has been on the calendar. Lunch will be provided! Parents are welcome to come listen at any time!

There is also a possible pep band game Saturday evening. If this happens, we will still have the Wind Ensemble Camp!!!

This is the busiest time of year for the Band of Pride! Please help by staying informed, taking care of yourself, and working hard!

Our next Concert is March 7th at CCHS! It is a joint concert with Highlands High School! Assessment is March 12th in the evening. Details will soon follow!

I hope to see everyone tomorrow! Thank you Band of Pride!

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